Glassinfo Annual

Glassinfo Software( 19.98pm +VAT paid annualy )

Sealed unit ordering and Window Frames

Please complete all the details on the form to make your purchase and then our admin team will process your account.

Just £19.99pm with coupon code "admin75" to get 75% discount.This is paid annualy with a minimum 12 month subscription.

This is our Lockdown special price and our commitment to help other businesses where we can

If you purchase at this price, this is the price you will continue to pay even after lockdown and restrictions have ended. ( See More details ).

One your customer has registered their name and email which takes seconds, they can then place orders with you for Sealed Units and/or Window frames.

The orders come through to you on the website in your own CMS area and also via email, a copy is also sent to your customer.

It is branded to your business and will have a url such as

Customisation can also be done on the software if fields need adding or removing.

You can also use the invoicing system to send invoices direct to your customers that they can then pay online with PayPal and this is included in the price.



  • For the basic package for sealed units the cost is just £79.95 now £19.98pm (+VAT) During Lockdown and Tier Restrictions. ( + Setup Fee £35.00 +VAT) We are holding this price till all lockdowns have fully ended.
  • COVID-19 Gaurantee - During a full country lockdown or if you are in a tier 3 area, you can suspend payments during this time.
  • Allows your customers to place orders directly online and set up accounts for them.
  • Raise invoices online and send them by email with a Pay Now button for your customers to pay you online with PayPal or Stripe
  • Store invoice records and produce reports and stats
  • Your Own CMS where you can manage and store all your orders and view any uploaded files or drawings
  • No need to download an app as you can use it on a mobile or tablet
  • Customisable to suite your requirements i.e glass types, Lead/Georgian bar dimensions etc
  • Take payments online for orders, ideal for fitters out on the job
  • Add new options to the form such as priority orders
  • Use for your own fitters out on a job who may have broken a unit or damage a frame
  • Customers & admin can look back on order history
  • Each unit ordered has its own reference
  • Order shaped units and allows them to upload drawings and details
  • Email confirmations sent to both
  • Customers can edit their own account details
  • email newsletter software can be added for an extra cost to email all your customers
  • Can include an email list package to email all customers newsletters
  • Runs independent on our server, or you can buy the full setup to run on your site
  • Low cost monthly rental fees
  • No need to catch up payments if you are locked down
  • Carry on using the software while you are locked down for free
  • Order up to 14 units/frames at a time, add more by linking order
  • Accounts can be up and running usualy within 24-48 hrs, however we strive to do it same day.
  • No hosting or maintence costs or hidden fees

Why not consider a new website to go with your package, we have basic template sites that we can set up for an extra £19.98 per month, and we look afer them for you, so you can focus on your work. Or maybe you would like to go for a more bespoke design and your in safe hands with the UK's oldest webdesign company est 1994.

Setup Fee: £42.00
Duration: 1 year
Price: £1,151.28