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Sealed Unit Software Demo


Welcome to the demonstration site for Glassinfo Sealed Unit and Window Frame ordering software.

For the purpose of this demo we shall just be using the sealed unit version as both work on the same principle.
The demo version is "Barebones" so there are no frills or design, once you make a purchase the software will be branded to your business colours with logos on the site and in emails etc.
This demo is to demonstrate how simple it is to use the system.
  1. First you need to Sign up/Register
  2. Then you will get an email to verify your email address
  3. When you have approved your email we then need to activate your account
  4. Once activated you can then login and place an order
  5. When you have placed an order you can then view your order history
  6. When you have tested as a client we shall then change your account to an admin so you can view the orders history in the admin area
  7. You can then as an administrator test the customer invites, invoices and tasks features.

  • Demo Site Glassinfo